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My name is Golan Cipel, and this website is dedicated to telling my story.  The release of Jim McGreevey's book, The Confession , is the unfortunate reason why I feel I must speak, as nearly everything in that book that pertains to me and my relationship with him is a complete fabrication. 

McGreevey has spun a tale about his struggle to come out of the closet as a gay man, and his realization that he could no longer run from himself.  However, the reality is that this was never an issue of sexual orientation or a secret romance.  The fact is that I was the victim of several sexual assaults and ongoing sexual harassment by Jim McGreevey.  For now I will only describe the three main incidents of sexual assault, although in the near future I intend to post my entire story here from the time we met, through all of the assaults, threats and lies, up to my ultimate decision to stand up and confront the Governor. 

McGreevey's book is not a real confession at all, but rather a carefully planned pack of lies intended to rehabilitate his name and restore him to public life. I strongly hope that the American people and especially the gay community which I respect rejects this obvious, shameless ploy from a man who has engaged in acts of deception, sexual violence, and intimidation.  McGreevey has a long history of lying in both his personal and political life, and I cannot imagine why, at this point, he is seen to have earned any credibility whatsoever. 

I no longer fear McGreevey or his friends; I will use this post and subsequent posts to tell the world the real truth about what happened.