New York Post

November 20, 2006 -- The ex-aide who denies having sex with Jim McGreevey says the former New Jersey governor forcibly tried to kiss him, saying, "Everybody is a little bit gay."

In an interview appearing tonight on WCBS/Channel 2, Golan Cipel says McGreevey had "this crazy look in his eyes" when he made the sexual advance.

"He started to struggle with me, tried to kiss me and I just remember holding my head saying, 'No, stop,' " Cipel claims.

The former aide, who brought about McGreevey's 2004 resignation when he threatened to sue the ex-gov for sexual harassment, says McGreevey ordered him not to talk about the incident.

"And I asked him, 'Why do you think I am gay?' And he said, 'Everybody is a little bit gay,' " Cipel says.

Cipel, 37, an Israeli, repeatedly denied he was gay when the scandal broke, and has continued to do so since McGreevey's tell-all book was published in mid-September.

The former governor says he stands by his account of the relationship.

In a Sept. 17 interview with The Post's Uri Dan, Cipel accused McGreevey of sexually harassing him in a state van while three troopers were in the front seat.

Cipel said the bizarre incident occurred in 2002 while he and McGreevey were being driven to Washington overnight.

McGreevey had the van's middle seat replaced with a mattress so he could sleep, while Cipel sat in the back seat, the former aide said.

Both fell asleep, but Cipel said he was awakened by what he thought was someone pulling on his right leg. In fact, he said, it was McGreevey touching him inappropriately.

"It was a surrealistic scene. I go in a New Jersey vehicle with three state troopers and there is the governor lying on the floor and rubbing himself at my leg like a dog," Cipel ex-aide said.