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November 22, 24, 2006 :


The Other Side: Jim Rosenfield With Golan CipelCBS 2 News World ExclusiveThe Other Side: Jim Rosenfield With Golan Cipel

I'm glad they are getting this out there. I feel really bad for this guy- and I hope he doesn't judge all of America by this sleaze bag McGreevey. I think it's pretty obvious you have someone who was in power who thought he was going to get caught and figured it would be better to come out of the closet than to be outed not only as gay but as a sexual predator too. He's really damaged this young man's reputation. I hope that not only can he put this behind him, but that others will believe him so that he can reach his potential.
-- Kathy from Maryland

I absolutely believe Cipel's version of what happened.
-- Eileen

McGreevy's story has an element of repression and shame that fits well with popular conceptions of contemporary gay-American political culture. He has used this scandal to turn a profit; writing a book and appearing on Oprah. While I can't say with any certainty which side of this story is the true version, it is clear that McGreevy clearly has a motivation to distort the situation for his own benefit. It is also clear from the interview that Cipel and his version of events comes across as truly genuine.
-- Adam from Washington , D.C.


McGreevey is a liar. He admits lying all through his youth and as an adult. His life was based on lies. Now, he wants us to believe him? I think Golan Cipel is one of his victims, and if the truth were know, there are probably many more. McGreevey would never have admitted he is a homosexual had Cipel not threatened him with a lawsuit. He now wants Cipel to pay for bringing down McGreevey's ivory tower. I actually feel sorry for Cipel.
-- Rohe from Houston


CBS 2 News World Exclusive

I can identify with Mr. Cipel. Mr. McGreevey is not only smart he is satanically wise. He is capitalizing on his horrific situation by making money by eliciting people's emotions. He doesn't care how many people he is really hurting, including many homosexuals who are in desperate need of good counseling or treatment to abandon that life of pain.

Mr. McGreevey could never give his former wife or his children a good answer for doing

what he does. It is extremely selfish inconsiderate and he will pay the consequences of his actions in this life. I believe Mr. Cipel, because I think that he was in a situation where Mr. McGreevey felt that he had the upper hand based on the position that he held as Governor of New Jersey. I feel very bad for Mr. Cipel.

-- Luis


Cipel is telling the truth, McGreevey lied about many things, not the least of which were his corrupt dealings with powerbrokers. Even the FBI could find no evidence of Golan Cipel's lying. It's time the press that believed the liar McGreevey over the truthful Golan Cipel helps to undo the damage done this young man. WCBS should be proud of its part in telling the truth to lies! Good for you!

O.J. brutally murdered his ex-wife and her friend and Cipel is telling the truth about the sexual harassment from ex-Gov. McGreevey. I guess since its homosexual harrassment , it doesn't count in the eyes of gay activists, NOW, Democrats, Oprah, and their friends in the mainstream media. How would Oprah treat McGreevey if he came on her show because he had an extra-marital affair with a woman instead of a man? According to CBS, it's a he-said, he-said. Wasn't that the case for former Senator Bob Packwood?
-- Doug from Broomfield , Colorado